How To Safeguard Your Tyres?

Posted On June 8th, 2017

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They are unfortunately also the most overlooked. It is highly recommended to look after them if you want to stay safe on the road.

Following are some common symptoms people experience that they should take notice of. Diagnoses are mentioned, but it is best to see a professional as soon as your tyres show signs of problems.

1. Tyre is flat or soft

If the tyre seems flat:

It might require repair. A puncture up to 6mm made to the tread is possible to be repaired by a tyre professional. If there is a puncture, the inside of the tyre needs to be inspected. Therefore, on-the-wheel plug-only repair is unreliable and can be fatal. You should replace your punctured tyre with a spare one.

If the tyre seems soft:

It is possibly under inflated. This can generate excessive heat, which can reduce tyre durability. In the long run, it can lead to tyre failure. Get the air pressure checked as soon as possible to confirm the cause.

2. Tread looks frail

If there is wear on both edges:

The tyre is possibly under inflated. This will reduce tread life because of the excessive tread wear on the outsides of the tyre. For under inflation, you will need to check air pressure of the tyre.

If the wear is in the center:

Over inflation might be your problem. The center of the tread has to bear most of the load. This will wear out the center quicker than the edges. The tyre’s air needs to be released until it matches the vehicle manufacturer’s psi.

If the wear is uneven:

An uneven front or rear tyre signals that it requires a wheel alignment. Consult an experienced tyre dealer for an inspection and correction. Another cause might be over inflation, which will require air to be taken out.

The edges are saw-toothed/feathered:

This is due to a vehicle being misaligned. Edges of the tread will have a sawtooth or feathered appearance. This is due to scrubbing on the road. Consult a tyre professional for an alignment correction.

3. Handling feels different

If there are vibrations:

Either your tyres are out of balance or it is a steering malfunction. Vibrations can lead to premature tyre wear, and unrequired wear and tear on your car’s suspension. The solution can be as simple as rebalancing tyres. However, it might mean your steering and suspension system needs fixing. Visit a tyre professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

If the steering is poor/pulling to one side:

This is most probably due to poor wheel alignment. Your vehicle may require a “front-end” alignment or a “four-wheel” alignment, depending on the symptoms you are experiencing.

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