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Dunlop is the name for high-performance technology that forms the bond between the driver and the road. The tyre manufacturer puts over a century of innovation and racing experience into the knowledge of tyre manufacturer.

John Boyd Dunlop is the name and the idea that would forever change the way the world rides. The idea that started the  Dunlop legend began in  Belfast, Ireland in 1888 when John Boyd Dunlop’s son was instructed by his doctor to ride his tricycle to help conquer a heavy cold. His son was struggling, so John with his innovative ideas made his tricycle with tires made of canvas bonded with liquid rubber, for the ride to be more comfortable. Knowing his idea was one that was great, he patents the idea.

No less than a year later, Cyclist Willie Hume adopts Boyd’s invention for racing and wins many events.  In 1902, Dunlop wins the challenging Paris-Vienna race, and by 1922, Dunlop introduces the first Dunlop tyre using steel rods and canvas casing to provide triple the service life of all other tyres on the market at that time.

Today, Dunlop is a top name in tyre manufacturer, and one of innovation and technology with a motto of “Our wheels never stop turning”. For over 125 years, Dunlop has been a leader in coming up with breakthrough ideas and technologies that pave the way on all roads.

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Dunlop Technologies include: 

Hydro-Paddle Technology – The Hydro-Paddle Technology design is the Dunlop strategic design that configures tread grooves to promptly and efficiently direct water from the path of the tyres. With the design, tyres are in touch with pavement to provide drivers optimal traction.

Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology – Multi-Pitch Tread Design is acoustic brilliance. The technology uses various tread block sizes to eliminate road noises.

Active Traction Sipe System – The system is an innovative design and breakthrough in tyre technology utilizing three different sipes that are designed to grip, pull and enhance traction for optimal control in ice and snow.

Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology – With the DSS Technology, the tyre sidewalls are reinforced so that drivers can continue driving for up to 50 miles, at speeds up to 50 mph, after a flat.

Silicarbon Matrix – Silicarbon Matrix is a cross between silica and carbon black to provide drivers with optimal grip in dry and wet weather.

Traction Web Technology – With the TW Technology, tread patterns are designed to channel water out of the path, so drivers have the confidence to negotiate wet conditions.

Max Flange Shield – With the MFS, tyres are protected against accidental curb damage with the design of the firm rubber guard extending past the rim and wrapping around the tyre’s lower sidewall.

Dimensional Stable Polyester – Dunlop’s Dimensional Stable Polyester is their innovative process that pre-cures and pre-stretches DSP ply cords, achieving long-lasting uniformity and durability while offering a comfortable, smooth ride.

Evaqua Grooves – With the Evaqua Grooves Angled EVA the tyre grooves are designed to contribute to the efficient pumping away of water from the tyre’s footprint for a higher response when handling.

DuPont Kevlar – DuPont Kevlar is used to reinforce Dunlop’s tyres sidewalls. The material is a fibrous material that offers driving precision and superior road feedback.

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