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Hankook’s focus is safety and driving emotion. The brand tyre manufacturer aims to produce tyres that offer a safer, more comfortable and more pleasant driving experience. As a global leader in tyre manufacturer, the company understands the importance for drivers to drive with confidence in all weather and road conditions. With innovations and advanced technologies, Hankook meets the needs of today’s drivers.

Hankook understands that part of the emotion of driving is the performance and motoring exhilaration. With this in mind, Hankook produces tyres that offer total control of speed and direction while firmly ensuring the safe control and riding comfort that is essential for driving on the road.


Hankook is a manufacture that concentrates on the most optimal tyres for the road, and characteristics to meet the tyre needs of each country, terrain and weather conditions. The company also concentrates on the use of eco-friendly products.

The goal of Hankook Tyres is to provide drivers with tyres they drive with pride. Advanced technology and innovations along with safety and performance achieve this goal. Their aim is to constantly be one step ahead of their competitors, and with the innovative and advanced technology they are managing just that.

As a tyre manufacturer that is concerned with the driving safety and needs of vehicle owners, they create tyre lines that optimal comfort with all things considered, including driver habits and personality. Consumer research and extracts are used with advanced technology to develop the most satisfying, most innovative tyres with the highest level of safety for a driving experience that is a spirit within itself.

Drivers can expect a tyre that offers a safe and enjoyable driving experience in the Hankook Tyre line. With design engineers and professionals that ensure the finest technology and designs are put into each tyre, Hankook has become a leader in the tyre industry.

Kontrol Technology

Hankook applies Kontrol Technology across the entire research, development and production process for each Hankook product. The first letter “K” of Kontrol represents “Kinetic” also known as “movement.” The concept of Kontrol is for drivers to be in full command of the interaction between the vehicle and the road.

Each tyre in the line of Hankook Tyres is based on the concept of Kontrol Technology to provide Hankook Tyre drivers with an ultimate driving experience optimal in safety, performance, and comfort.

Four Functions of Kontrol Technology

Performance – Kontrol Technology maximizes the durability and handling of driving even under the

Worst driving conditions.

Safety – Kontrol Technology also guarantees that the safety of the car and driver by the vehicle’s ability to maintain performance while driving, even in the harshest of weather or road conditions.

Comfort – With in-depth research, Hankook has a deep understanding of how tyres perform in real driving conditions throughout the world. With this in mind, Kontrol Technology is designed to limit noise, harshness, and vibrations on the roads for the best driving experience.

Environment – Customers benefit with an increased fuel efficiency while negative impacts that the environment typically suffers are minimized by reducing carbon emissions.

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