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A brand new set of Tyres deserves a set of wheels fit to handle them. New treads can only get you so far if your wheels aren’t up to snuff. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to rejuvenate your wheels back to life. So rather than going out to buy a new set of wheels on top of your investment in a new set of Tyres, we believe it’s more cost efficient to simply fix your existing ones. Regardless of whether they are misaligned, unbalanced or dented, Wholesale Tyres Prices Sydney make sure that your wheels are back to top condition.

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Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels are when the angles of the front and back set Tyres are mismatched. This can be caused by normal use of your vehicle such as accidentally driving a pot hole, sliding against the side of the curb or accidentally hitting the parking stall rail. The effect of misaligned wheels is such that maintaining control of your vehicle becomes more difficult and Tyres begin to wear out quicker. Not something you want to have happen on your brand new Tyres. We’ll perform a four-wheel alignment that get your wheels aligned back to your vehicle’s thrust and centreline.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing is an important maintenance that must be done to your vehicles at proper periods. Throughout the lifetime of your Tyres, they will undoubtedly be exposed to a variety of terrain. Whether they be asphalt roads, steep slopes, gravel paths, muddy puddles or rocky mountainsides, they will all affect your tyres at different magnitudes and locations on the tyres. As a result, heavy and light spots begin to form on the tyres. Depending on their location on the Tyre, it can either cause a horizontal or vertical vibration which can also be felt on the steering wheel and seat. We’ll put your wheel on a spinning machine that can accurately detect the magnitude and location of the imbalance so that we neutralise it with a counterweight.

Wheel Repainting

Over time, the paint on your wheel will begin to fade, or otherwise get scratched and worn by the elements. Alternatively, you may just be looking for a new aesthetic or a change of expression. Either way, we offer a repainting service that’ll make it just how you want it. So if you want mysterious black spokes or just a touch up, count on us to have it done.

Scratch Repair

Having a huge scratch across your wheel is never pretty. Perhaps you accidentally skid it across the gutter or some tools nicked it in the garage. Whatever the reason, you’d probably want it gone, and quick. We’ll smooth and re-coat your tyre such that it is good as new.

Wheel Repair

For more extensive damages, more wheel servicing is required. We’re ready to fix wheel damages anywhere from minor cracks all through to major bends. Issues with the wheel not only make it more difficult to fit it with your new Tyre, but it can also make it more dangerous to drive. Bends for example, can cause vibrations in the Tyre that become more prominent at higher speeds. This can be felt through your steering wheel and through to your seat. Needless to say, we do not recommend such unsafe driving and will actively work to ensure that your car is once again roadworthy.

Wheel Polishing

After weeks, months and years of use, your wheels will start to lose their shine. They’ll start to accumulate dirt, scratches and lose their colour due to the hot Australian climate. They’ll become dull and worn and they won’t have that fresh look anymore, even after a car wash. Don’t fret, we have can get rid of those tough blemishes with our expert polishing process. When we’re done, you’ll be met with fresh looking wheels with an attractive mirror finish.

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