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Silverstone is a global tyre manufacturer and a name in tyres that is recognised as a trusted and leading brand of tyres. The brand Silverstone was introduced to the market in 1989, and the success of the company is undeniable, supplying over 60 countries worldwide with the Silverstone line of tyres.

With a focus on manufacturing tyres to customer needs, the company is one that is innovative in meeting driving demands of the current day. Silverstone caters to each requirement of the tyre market, manufacturing tyres for passenger cars, 4WD vehicles, rally tyres, light and heavy commercial vehicles to industrial and agricultural tyres. Committed to investing in continuing to supply vehicle owners with the best and innovative advancements in the tyre industry, the company is continually in pursuit of technological advancements. With today’s drivers in mind, Silverstone is steady at being at the top of the market with new tyre patterns and designs.


Vehicle owners shopping Silverstone Tyres have the advantage of advanced technologies that improve many aspects of their driving while on the road.

Silent Roll Technology

Tread pattern pitch arrangement is optimised with the Silent Rool Tyre Tread Noise Simulator to achieve noise resistance.

Holographic Analyzer

With the holographic analyzer, vehicle owners have a reliable source that measures material deformation like poor lamination, separation and air trap in their tyres. The holographic analyzer is a testing of new tyres in R&D that is non-destructive.

Footprint Analyzer

Pressure distribution of a tyre footprint is measured using the Tyre Tread Analysis System. This is achieved by applying a preset force. A high-resolution presentation of pressure distribution in full colour and the Footprint Analyzer then makes a fraction to design a pattern through the use of the gross contact area and groove area to ensure even distribution of pressure through the pattern blocks.

B&K Noise Analyzer

Graphic information is provided by the Brũel & Kjaer Pulse which uses FFT and CPB to analyze noise and vibration. The measurements are read decibel. The information is vital for understanding the relationship between tyre and noise.

Silverstone Tyres are built for performance and a brand in tyres that concentrates on high quality, safe tyres for all types of vehicles. The award-winning tyre manufacturer leads the way in industry breakthroughs with their patterns and designs that continually outdo the competition.

Silverstone Summer Tyres

Silverstone is one of the few tyre manufacturers to produce a line of summer tyres. The tyres are constructed with a special rubber mixture that enhances their performance in temperatures higher than 7°C, enhancing grip and short breaking distance control.

Silverstone Winter Tyres

Silverstone line of winter tyres is constructed with a special tread rubber compound that is designed for the tyres to retain flexibility in low temperatures, and to ensure performance on snow and ice, and other wintery road conditions, as well as braking and traction performance.

Silverstone 4×4 Tyres

Silverstone is a trusted name in 4×4 tyres. The off road tyres are designed for high performance in rocky and muddy roads, sand dunes and snow as well as asphalt, making them the all terrain tyres that offer the performance, ride, and grip in any conditions.


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