Where To Get High Quality Tyres And Wheels In Sydney?

Posted On March 15th, 2017

Like every part of your car, wheels and tyres will require replacement at some point. Since they form an integral part of your vehicle, you would want to find the best quality tyres and wheels that will last long and keep you safe. The question is where will you find such good products?

Wholesale Tyres Direct is the answer! We pride ourselves with the highest quality products and services, which include tyres and wheels at wholesale rates. Buy Tyres In Sydney of any premium brand from us that too market beating prices. Whether you’re looking for tyres to replace your old worn out ones or want tyres or wheels for your new vehicle, we’ve got it all. Having high quality tyres like ours will help ensure your ride is smooth along with the safety of you and your vehicle.

Wholesale Tyres at Affordable Rates
Wholesale Tyres Direct is a trusted tyre supplier that has gained a reputation for providing good quality products and services at Wholesale Tyres Prices Sydney. We have a wide range of tyres up for sale, which includes all the top brands such as Bridgestone, Diamondback, Dunlop, Goodyear, Kumho, Pirelli and Toyo. We have tyres of all sizes ranging from 13” to 22” so no matter what you need you’ll find it at our store.

Having good tyres is important to ensure the safety of a vehicle while driving. We thus provide a guarantee that all our tyres are tested and from good brands as we care about the safety of our clients. We don’t just provide top quality tyres for cars but for all other types of vehicles too including utes, vans, jeeps, trucks and more.

Our Tyres For Sale Sydney prices are all affordable as we sell tyres at wholesale rates but quality is something we never compromise upon.

Wheel Services to Match Your Tyres
Getting a new set of tyres doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get new wheels. Instead of spending extra on getting a new set of wheels, you can save up by getting your existing wheels fixed up to match with your brand new tyres.

Our experts at Wholesale Tyres Direct will always advise you to do this and will guide on the services you can get based on the condition of your wheels, which may include:

Wheel Alignment:
Misaligned wheels can cause early wear on your new wheels so we suggest a wheel alignment procedure where we will get your front and back wheels rightly aligned to your vehicle’s thrust and centerline.

Wheel Balancing:
Through this process, your vehicle will be placed on a spinning machine and we will detect and weigh out any imbalances in your wheels leaving them brand new.

To get yourself high quality Car Tyres Sale Sydney, call us at 02 9793 9285 today!